Welcome to our Brand New Website

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Please celebrate with me as we launch our brand new, beautiful website Рproviding a convenient on-line reservation system, with three specials for the months of September and October 2014:


  • Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage customized to your needs; 60 min for only $69.


  • Organic Bio-Complex Facial 60 min for only $69 incl. an introduction to a rapid and powerful anti-aging triple action system.


  • Pain Management Treatment incl. therapeutic Massage and a non-needle acupuncture therapy using LifeWave nano technology; 60 min for only $69.


For more specific information please visit my new website www.spamarinadelmar.com and www.lifewave.com/spamarinadelmar.com.


I highly appreciate your feedback on the new website Please let me know what you think!




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