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Read the Client Review from the Mansion House in Martha’s Vineyard


“Marina is the best of the very best. I had a 60 min deep tissue massage with Marina, and it was the best that I ever had. I have had treatments at the Claremont in Berkeley, the Hotel Del Coronado, and countless other top tier destination spas and Marina is the best of the very best. She had techniques that surprised this spa veteran.”

Trip Adviser, ConstanTraveler77, Los Angeles, CA


“This was the best massage I’ve ever had! Marina listened to my needs and gave me exactly what I wanted. I will definitely return for another massage. Thank you.”

– Catalina Campos


“Marina – Best massage ever…… And I get weekly massages! Thank you so much!”

– Debbie Wilhelm


“Facial by Marina was like heaven.”

– Sharon Green


“Marina is outstanding! Best massage ever!”

– Jim Idsardi


“Best massage I’ve ever had by Marina”

– Joy Peterson


“Marina-was amazing! Best massage ever! I will be back.”

– Kimberly Rose


“Marina was amazing! She used the perfect amount of pressure while still making it relaxing! Best massage I’ve ever had!”

– Emily Yeatman


“Marina was wonderful! Best massage ever!”

– Sarah Bowlin


“Marina just gave me the best massage I’ve experienced anywhere – & in 71 years I have had quite a few!”

– Jane Wienenga


“Marina’s massage was outstanding. I’ve traveled to La Costa, Bacara and Ojai and this has been the best treatment ever”

– Victoria Jimemez


“Marina, the most relaxing and enjoyable facial ever.”

– Karen Denis


“Marina was marvelous. She has an expert touch.”

– Leslie Firth


“Marina was my massage therapist and did a fantastic job. I have had quite a few massage experiences and she truly the best I’ve had. I would highly recommend her. I will definitely be back to see her!

– Lauren Puro


“Marina is a wonderful massage therapist. She uses the perfect amount of pressure and some very different techniques.”

– Shan Vogt


“Amazing! I had Marina and it was the best massage ever. I def would come back and def just for Marina. Again, great service and amazing!”

– Jennifer Li


“69 years old – have had a LOT of massages. Marina was the BEST in all those years.”

– Tammy Steves


“Marina is brilliant Masseuse! The best ever!”

– Mary McLusken


“Marina was wonderful! She listened to my requests & gave me the best massage ever!”

– Sarah Shayze


“Marina was outstanding – Best massage ever.”

– Kathleen Jhuston


“Marina was erxcellent! Really skilled, professional & pleasant. Proably the best massage I’ve had!”

– Laura Newman


“Marina gave me the best deep tissue massage I have ever had. Amazing that such a small frame can apply so much pressure.”

— Cathe Mertin


“My massage w/Marina was the best massage I’ve had in 30 years!!”

– Tracy Rose


“I received the best facial I’ve ever had from Marina. I’ll come back next year with my daughter.”

– Jan Hicks

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